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"As a pain management physician, I often treat patients with headache, TMJ (jaw) dysfunction, tinnitus, and oral-facial pain. Of all I have tried over the past 20 years (medication/injection/trigger points/manual therapy), I have had my greatest success with the well thought-out approach pioneered by Angelo DiMaggio.  The approach is simple and highly effective but more importantly it empowers pain suffers to take personal responsibility for their care.  I have marveled at the immense success achieved within
minutes without drugs, needles, or knives. 
No other method of treatment has given
my patients such great success”.       
Ricky Lockett, DO
Orthopedic Injury Management
Pain Management Experts  
1501 Fifth Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL.   33705
(727) 896-8686

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“Our foundation for treating patients with head, neck, and facial/TMJ pain was provided by the cervical examination and treatment system developed by spine therapist Angelo DiMaggio.  We spend our days systematically reducing and often abolishing patients’ symptoms, typically on the first visit.  Over 5 years and 1,800 patients have taught us that the vast majority of headache and facial pain patients have underlying cervical pathology.  Our patients have been able to capitalize on the life-changing opportunity this new system affords”.
Nasha Holt, MD           
Headache Institute of Texas 
400 N. Loop 1604  Ste. 345                 
San Antonio, Tx.   78232

“No more guess work! 
The Headache/Migraine/TMJ seminar (SO III) is not just icing on the cake.  It is the whole cake!  It is hard to fathom until you see it on the seminar and then in the clinic, but it appears that perhaps 90% or more of all headaches, migraines, and TMJ pain originate in the cervical spine and are mechanical in nature. 
This seminar will show you how to confirm if a patient’s head and face symptoms are coming from the cervical spine – without even touching the patient.  And, if they are, you will learn how to teach your patients self-treatment programs and strategies which can completely abolish their headaches.  This is uncharted territory, unlike any other headache approach.  It’s amazing to watch your worst headache/migraine sufferers knock out their symptoms in minutes, often on the first visit.
I cannot recommend these seminars more highly.  Hands down, I believe them to be the premiere spine seminars of our time.  My spine center sponsored a seminar this past year and it received unanimous approval (98% score) from our four Certified Spine Therapists who attended.  I feel certain you will derive as much benefit from these seminars as my certified co-workers and I have.
Please feel free to write or call me with any questions”.
Adam Johnson, PT, Cert. MDT    
Carle Spine Institute  610 N. Lincoln Ave.   
Urbana, IL  61801 
(217) 383-7042

“My success in treating spine patients has prompted several co-workers to attend the S.O. course series. Their response has been overwhelmingly positive and our consistency between therapists has markedly improved.  I can not express how important the Strategic Orthopedics System has been to my career as an outpatient PT.  Angelo DiMaggio PT, Dip MDT backs up his work with research to allow us to use evidence-based practices.  His organization and teaching abilities allow the entire audience to easily follow every detail of how to use this "system" correctly.  In the year between attending S.O. II ( Cerv./Thor.) and S.O. III (Migraine/TMJ), I was often producing headaches in lower cervical patients and could not figure out why.  Angelo taught me how to treat, what was later explained to be, an upper cervical problem.
Since attending S.O. III I have been so overwhelmingly successful in treating headache, migraine, and TMJ patients that our hospital has begun an aggressive marketing campaign to the general public, area physicians, and local news media sources.  I now look forward to physician referrals for headache and migraine patients”.Jill Wenzlick, PT
St. Rita's Medical Center at The Delphos
Ambulatory Care Center
1800 East Fifth StreetDelphos, Ohio   45844
(419) 996-5684
"Angelo DiMaggio's Strategic Orthopedics System applies clear thinking to headache/migraine/TMJ problems with a seminar that will absolutely transform your thinking (and your outcomes!).  Over the past 6 months (since attending the SO III Migraine seminar) its effectiveness has been so glaring and exciting that a physician, also amazed by the astounding results, has teamed up with me to create the Headache Institute of Texas.  That is where I see the future of my private practice.  This is a niche that NO ONE occupies.  Angelo's insight into the cervicogenic biomechanics of headache/migraine/TMJ pain is absolutely unprecedented."  
Jeff Turner, DPT, Cert. MDT
Director of Rehabilitation - Headache Institute of Texas
San Antonio, Texas
(210) 402-2920

“I want to thank you for your help with my migraine headaches that recurred after my swimming accident.  During your therapy program the frequency of my headaches was reduced to a record low ONE in 61 days.  During our sessions together we discussed your approach to treating both migraine headaches and cervical spine pathophysiology.  With my background in anesthesia and in pain management I found it most interesting.  I was director of the Pain Service of the Department of Anesthesia at the Medical College of Ohio.  I did treat upper cervical, headache, TMJ and migraine patients.  While we were working on my cervical spine, my observations from the 90’s began making sense.  The interrelationship between the cervical spine, the atlanto-occipital joint, and their role in headaches and TMJ symptomology is truly amazing.  I appreciate all you have done in helping me become pain and headache free.
Lawrence M. Palmer, DDS (General Dentistry / IV Sedation)
Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management
The Rochester Medical Village
445 S. Livernois, Suite A-22
Rochester Hills, MI
(248) 650-9490

“During my 18 years as a physical therapist I have attended over 70 continuing education seminars, most all in orthopedics, and many pertaining to the spine.  I took the Strategic Orthopedics lumbar course 1 in April of 2001.  Since that time I have been using the system on all of my back patients.  I can state without hesitation that this system has made a significant change in the way I treat patients with back pain.  I have since taken the cervical/thoracic course 2 and found the same to be true with these patients.
The system is a meticulous approach to managing a complex and difficult set of orthopedic problems – neck and back pain.  By using this system it has allowed me to objectively treat the most difficult cases, and succeed!
I have been collecting outcomes data on these patients and the vast majority of them (>70%) have either completely abolished their symptoms or have symptoms that are just a fraction of what they used to be.  These outcomes include patients who have suffered from back pain as little as a few days to years and even decades.  As a result of the success I have enjoyed with this system, I have experienced an increase in referrals from area physicians, “heart-felt” patient satisfaction surveys, and a professional sense of accomplishment at the end of the day like never before”.
Joseph Gianoni, MS, PT, OCS, ATC
Facility Director
PHOENIX Rehabilitation
Sellersville, Pennsylvania  18960
(215) 257-3900
“I have been practicing the “Strategic Orthopedics Approach” to the evaluation and treatment of spinal symptoms for over five years.  I have been a physical therapist for 18 years and I am confident that it is the best conservative spine care system available.  I was very skeptical when I was first learning the system, but daily success stories have confirmed that with a thorough Strategic Orthopedics evaluation, the true nature of the injury can be identified.  Once this is accomplished, the system gives very specific and safe mechanisms to progress the client back to pre-injury function.  I have continuously amazed myself, my clients, and the doctors who refer them, by abolishing symptoms that have been chronic for as long as 25 years or more.  Strategic Orthopedics has given me a safe evaluation tool that allows me to confidently evaluate mechanical symptoms.  Prior to this course I was not as progressive or consistent and therefore did not achieve the results I do today.
In today’s competitive environment, results are more important than ever to our survival.  I have been in my own business for 15 years and have grown from servicing one 1,500 employee company to 3 other companies with over 6,000 employees.  All of our therapists and therapy assistants are trained in the Strategic Orthopedics System. I know that our growth is a direct result of our improved outcomes which began when our entire team starting consistently using the system’s evaluation and treatment methods.  Disability managers of one corporation talked to the managers of other corporations about the improved results they were seeing.  Soon we were invited to provide on-site services for Whirlpool Corporation and Owens Corning Fiberglas.  We were never asked to bid against other physical therapy providers.  In today’s highly competitive environment, Strategic Orthopedics has given me the cutting edge in the evaluation and treatment of spinal pain.
I am grateful to the system’s inventor, Angelo DiMaggio PT, for taking such a complicated problem and simplifying it into a safe, effective treatment approach that consistently produces symptom relief and a rapid return to function.  I believe that every client with spinal pain deserves to be seen by a therapist trained in the Strategic Orthopedics System”.
Teresa Pepera, PT, Cert. MDT, Owner
Advanced Physical Therapy Centers3439A Morse Road
Columbus, Ohio  43231
(614) 418-0996
(513) 528-3100

“I can honestly say that since we have implemented this system throughout our clinics we have seen much better results, including decreased length of stay, decreased use of unnecessary modalities, and decreased frustration in dealing with most complex cases.  You truly owe it to yourself and to your back and neck patients to explore the principles and methods of Strategic Orthopedics”.R. Scott Helton, ATC
Clinical Manager
St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine
830 Thomas More Parkway  Suite 101
Edgewood, Kentucky  41017
(859) 341-5600

“My practice consists of 98% spine patients.  Since using the American Back Pain Center’s system, my overall yearly outcome is 78% excellent/good (complete or near complete alleviation of all symptoms with full return to normal or near normal function).  A significant additional benefit has been better reimbursement from insurance companies and an increased number of approved visits (many times they allocate more than I request).  The beauty of Strategic Orthopedics is that no special skills are required initially, other than good listening skills”.Heidi Crawford, PT, Cert. MDT, OwnerCrawford Physical Therapy1406 Greenbrier PlaceCharlottesville, Virginia  22901
(434) 220-0069
“As a therapist for 26 years, I have been exposed to many philosophies of treatment of the spine. I have been continuously amazed at the results we can achieve clinically with our neck and back patients when using the Strategic Orthopedics Spine strategies. It is the knowledge that I can help a patient with neck or back pain gain relief that keeps me motivated to return to work each day. My clinical practice is devoted to working with spinal pain patients and your influence has been tremendous. Your evaluation and follow up strategies have made it easy to be objective and focused when dealing with our patients and has given us the necessary tools to attend to small details which can mean the difference between partial relief and full relief of a patient's symptoms.
To develop a comprehensive program, as you have, requires an enormous amount of time, energy and attention to detail that most could not even imagine.  Your efforts should be applauded.  Your program has inspired so many therapists and I am amongst your many fans.  Thanks Angelo for inspiring me to become a better therapist and for the dedication you have in continuing to develop additional seminars”.Karen Scholl, PT, Owner
Center for Physical Therapy
431 Ohio Pike   Suite 108
Cincinnati, OH  45255
(513) 528-3100

“Over the years I have been amazed at how many patients are misdiagnosed by doctors and therapists who fail to recognize that the patient’s symptoms are actually originating from the spine.  I regularly tell my patients that my specialty is becoming, “making patients well that have been multiple places without results”.  Most every patient that I evaluate agrees that they have never been evaluated with as much detail, while being educated on how to resolve their problem.  When patients attain their goals and then ask why they have never been evaluated and treated this thoroughly before, I often say that I hope one day all therapists will take the time and the approach that I have learned from Angelo and apply it to resolving their patient’s spine problems”.
Jamie G. Smith, MSPT, ATC, CSCS, Owner
Spine & Sports Specialties
2012 S. Burnside Ave   Suite B
Gonzales, Louisiana   70737
(225) 647-1515

“The Strategic Orthopedic Spine System is one of the few programs that allow a therapist to implement the method immediately upon returning from a weekend course.  The approach allows anyone trained in the system to review recent notes, observe current status, and progress the patient accordingly.  As opposed to so many other courses, there is a clear-cut treatment direction from start to finish that is guided by objective pain responses, rather than by questionable palpations or obscure measurements.
Patients respond well to the treatment because for the first time they receive thorough explanations, and, most importantly, results.  Physicians are happy to find a therapist who is a true expert in treating their most difficult patient population, low back and neck pain.  Payers will find the program cost-effective.  I highly recommend this program to anyone wishing to successfully treat spine patients”.
Ed Carmichael, PT, OwnerOpti-Health GroupFranklin Park Physical Therapy National City Bank Building 4210 W. Sylvania Ave.,  Suite 103
Toledo, Ohio  43623
(419) 475-7799
“As a private practice owner, I can testify that because of the know-how and understanding I gained in how to handle back and neck pain from the Strategic Orthopedic Spine seminars, my competence soared and my practice expanded nicely.  Some physicians began to see me as the “go-to-guy” for their tough cases and their VIP’s.  This is the seminar I pray my competition never attends!   Anyone who wants a better understanding on how to effectively handle back and neck pain, and have a systematic approach to gain control over them, needs to attend this course and use this system.  It eliminates the chaos and confusion that only back and neck pain can create for therapists.  It’s simply brilliant!  I may not have been lucky enough to have invented this system, but at least I’m smart enough to know a gift when I see one”!
Michael Rinaldi, PT, OCS, Owner
Rinaldi Physical Therapy
7000 South Ave.  Suite 7
Boardman, Ohio  44512
(330) 629-8834

“This highly systematic and reasoned approach, which uses real patients during the seminar, is truly unique.  At a time in my career, when I was becoming discouraged due to lack of progress with many of my  patients, this course energized and empowered me.  The results with the system are dramatic.  In an area of health care that is filled with misunderstanding, Strategic Orthopedics is an island of sanity in a sea of nonsense”.
Peter Guske, PT, President
Professional Physical Therapy, Inc.
314 Via Tuscany Loop
Lake Mary, Florida   32746
(407) 323-5577

“I have been a practicing Physical Therapist for more than 30 years.  I attended the Strategic Orthopedics seminars and couldn't wait to begin using the system. My skepticism was buried. The step by step algorithm approach allowed me to focus on the details and provided an easy to understand, logical explanation for the patient. Attendance at subsequent seminars has strengthened my belief in this system. When this system is followed, the therapist and patient communicating with each other can "out-think" and "out-maneuver" spinal pain problems. Your results can be as dramatic as mine”.Alex F. Vargo Jr., PTDirector of Physical TherapyOregon Physical Therapy & Aquatics Center
Division of Heartland Rehabilitation Services
3361 Navarre / Oregon, OH / 43616
(419) 697-9495

“I have taken numerous orthopedic courses over the past 30 years.  Two of the most valuable have been Angelo DiMaggio’s Strategic Orthopedics seminars on the lumbar spine and the cervical / thoracic spine.  His detailed evaluation and documentation process, as well as precise treatment techniques have become an invaluable part of my private practice since 1997.  These courses will provide important treatment strategies, the “missing link”, for all clinicians”.
Marj J. Weigel, PT, OwnerAssociated Physical Therapists, Inc.1426 Sixth AvenueHuntington, West Virginia  25701
(304) 523-4555