Task Force
Because medical research has proven that pain sensitive structures
in the neck can produce headache, TMJ & oral-facial pain, the
American Headache Institute uses examination and treatment
methods for the cervical spine recommended by the
Neck Task Force Report
(published in the medical journal, SPINE). 

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The Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010 Task Force on Neck Pain and Its Associated Disorders
Neck Pain Task Force Committee – comprised of over 50 members, 9 countries, 14 scientific disciplines, 8 universities, 6 years to complete, examined more than 31,000 studies on the cervical spine (the largest review of the evidence on neck pain ever conducted), and produced a  21 chapter, 220 page systematic review and best evidence synthesis
(Spine 2008;33:4S,S1-S220).
Neck Pain Task Force Members President,
Scott Haldeman, DC, MD, PhD, FRCP (C)

Education & Self-Efficacy
Manual Therapy
Following the Research,
Our Treatment
TREATMENT – Our Focal Points

Immediate Relief – The majority of our patients experience significant relief in the first 1-3 visits
with over 50% experiencing complete abolishment of all head and facial pain in the first visit.

Predictive Relief – Most patients present with symptoms throughout the head and face.  Our
unique examination method allows us to predict to you which of your symptoms will be relieved
first second, third, and so on.  No other method has this predictive ability.

Pain Relief - We have over 200 Pain Relieving Exercise Programs (PREP) to choose from to
individually tailor to your cervical problem and bring immediate relief.  They are simple, easy to
perform, and effective.

Posture Correction – pain provoking postures while sitting, standing, driving, and sleeping will be
individually assessed and corrected to maintain relief.

Reeducation – Trunk and neck muscles can and will be “retrained” through neuromuscular
reeducation to hold the head and neck in stress-relieving positions.

Strategies – All programs are enhanced by specific Pain Relieving Strategies designed to
supplement all programs for maximal pain relief.

Independence – The heart of our treatment approach is to empower patients with the life-long
knowledge and ability to relieve and prevent their own pain.

Documented Results – We use a scientifically based Documentation System to measure
and record improvements in symptom reduction and functional gains.

Teamwork – Our team will work closely with your primary care physician or dentist to coordinate
your care.

Cutting-Edge Neck Care – We are committed to using only scientifically proven examination and
treatment methods for the cervical spine.  We review the medical research regularly and have an
extensive library of support for all that we do.


From the moment a new patient steps through our door, they will be comfortable and feel welcome.  Our upscale treatment center is beautifully appointed with rich warm colors, waiting room fireplace waterfall clock and aquarium, controlled incandescent lighting and original oil paintings in every room.  These are just a few of the details we have attended to to make all feel comfortable and welcomed.